Mac grew up with two loving parents in a middle-class suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. In 1998, he was drawn to two college freshmen who “had it all”—looks, money, athleticism . . . yet they chose to serve Jesus. In them, Mac saw firsthand a walk with Christ like he had heard about in church but never before seen. He made it his own, and nothing has been average for this normal guy since.

Upon graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Speech Communication, Mac knew the audience he wanted to reach. He understands the importance of communicating biblical truths and life application to today’s youth.

His passion is to see the next generation of students truly “get it”—that Christians are real people with real struggles, real desires, real abilities, and real stories. And they love a real Savior.

In addition to crisscrossing the country proclaiming the truth of Jesus to today’s youth, Mac has served as the national youth director for Life Action Ministries since 2013.

Educationally, Mac also received his MDIV from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tn. Mac and his wife Chelsea currently reside in Auburn, AL with their dog Rocky.